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Education is one of the major "social determinants of health". Our community has created a strong foundation for considering this topic through the creation of the Sangamon Success document. The Community Health Roundtable is focused on pursuing the recommendations from this document that are most likely to improve the health of our population, most especially our children.



Sangamon Success

The Sangamon County Continuum of Learning group made 25 recommendations for strengthening our community’s educational support for our children. The complete document is here.

The Nurse Family Partnership


This key program has been implemented in Sangamon County as a critical program to improve overall long term outcomes for infants and toddlers. Information about the local program can be found here. Information about the national program can be found here.

Education is a Social Determinant of Health

The social determinants of health, like education, social involvement, financial stability, and neighborhood conditions where you live, account for your health even more than good medical care. Read about it here

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